Monday, 16 April 2007

Singapore OK

It's easy to make fun of the Singapore government. Not in a political sense (although I don't deny the possibility), just in a gentle, cynical way. They try so hard to guide & chivvy their flock to behave more in line with their vision of an internationally respected, ordered, western-style society. And all respected cultures need good toilets. Just ask the Romans.

No one should be surprised that the National Environment Agency has a long-running OK campaign to set toilet standards and distribute posters for qualifying loos. It's all good stuff. Operators (?) of public toilets need to:

  • Ensure that all sanitary pipes and fittings are in good working condition
  • Provide soap and toilet paper
  • Provide litter bin
  • Provide sanitary bin for female toilet
  • Provide a working hand-dryer or paper towels
  • Provide a cleaner during peak hours
  • Cleaning schedule to be displayed prominently
  • Provide a channel for feedback through signages

If I ever write a book, perhaps it will include a theme of public toilets and cultural health. In England, public toilets have McDonalds signs over them. Here I tend to look for shopping malls or food courts, oh, and OK signs.