Thursday, 19 April 2007

The Karaoke Effect

As a follow-up to the local polling on HDB lift upgrades, the results are now posted on the void deck noticeboard. The scheme was supported by 90% of voters, opposed by 6%, and the rest failed to vote. There were no spoiled ballots. Given 75% was the minimum support required to carry the proposal, it comfortably cleared this hurdle.

I'm not surprised it passed. It's a terrific deal with owners picking up a maximum of 10% of the cost and the strong support is reflected in turnout figures most national elections only dream about. Proxy voting was supported which must have helped the turnout despite the short (1 week) notice.

Works could start in 4Q07, although a fly in the oitment is that since Indonesia has banned gravel exports (don't know why), the price of raw bulding materials (sand, gravel, cement) has more than doubled, so the estimated cost of works my need to be revised.