Monday, 16 April 2007

Nice work

This isn't a political blog, partly because I don't know enough about local politics to sensibly comment. I'll make a small exception this week because the big story is the pay rise that MPs awarded themselves. The Prime Minister now earns £1million per annum.

While not passing comment on the numbers, I've never had a problem with politicians earning decent salaries. They usually only earn it for a short while and it is entirely counter-productive to make such important public roles unattractive to talented people. I prefer capable professionals, not idealistic also-rans.

Apparently, the dog-whistle argument propounded was that it reduces the temptation for corruption, and hence is a stabilising force. If you find this risible, you likely have not had to live and work in a corrupt environment. It's corrosive to progress and becomes a dominant force in shaping politics. No thank you.