Saturday, 15 March 2008

Weather Report from 1deg North

Given I live 1.42deg north of the equator, my expectations for a warm life should be assured. Not so this week which has me wearing the same clothes I wore in England in February. Today's Times reported what we all knew, that so far, the average temperature this March has been 25.6C, not much above the all time low of 25C set in 1934. Overnight lows have been down to 21C - I needed to put on actual clothes and close the windows to keep warm.

It's also been very wet with dull, rainy days for most of the week. The Kranji area had 401mm (that's 15.7") of rain in one day, while most places had over 100mm (4"). That's not a problem since such downpours are engineered into the drainage system and only odd low-lying areas suffer surface flooding. Last year, one of those made the news with 1m deep water, but the area is a plant nursery so it's hardly a tragedy. The rain does make commuting a pain as you are bound to get very wet feet/shoes/trousers.

More rain is forecast, but with only half of March gone, I doubt if the 74 year record is in danger. Today is nice and warm (27C at 9:30am) and I'm feeling better already.