Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Let there be (more) light

This blog is brought to you on upgraded HDB electrics. The contractors switched off the power early at 8:30am and started ripping off all the meters, mains wiring, mini trunking and ceiling lights. By the lunchtime break, they had the new maxi trunking up and most of the wires in place but un-terminated. Power was back on by 4pm but my UPS had given up before noon so I lost Starhub broadband & phone but carried on with 3G.

It looks good. Some of the mitres in the maxi trunking are approximate as they are all done by eye. They've used thicker wires (~20mm sq) but 3 or 4 flats are daisy-chained so it needs to be. It's the same meter but in a smart grey ABS enclosure instead of the old wooden backing board. Handily they moved the meter a few inches away from the door so the external gate can swing back all the way to the wall now. And more ceiling lights, one in front of every door as well as extras between flats.

Technologically it's status quo. No digital meter, no remote meter reading, no dual rate tariff, no PIR-activated lights. Just fatter wires for more consumption. So much for global warming.