Monday, 18 June 2007

Your Permanent Resident Correspondent

My PR application is approved. Looking back, it wasn't as bad as the application form suggested it might be. There were lots of questions, dates, education, addresses, photocopies and so on leading up to the application, then sit back and wait. They promise a response within 3 months, in my case less than 6 weeks, with is an award letter requiring:

  • medical including chest X-ray (tuberculosis) & blood test (HIV)
  • HR endorsement letter
  • 4 photos
  • and, all in, $200 of fees plus a 4-hour wait at ICA, Lavender.

I did the medical with SATA who were excellent and at SG$42 (£14) including the X-ray, a bargain too. They are a non-profit setup after the war to tackle tuberculosis primarily but are now a general, private medical service. I recommend them highly.

ICA is well organised and if you get stuck in the queue outside the building you can examine the vehicles on show with secret compartments for illegal immigrants. Forget cup holders, these things have serious storage. The PR section isn't the busiest but I attended on a Thursday AM during school holidays. Big mistake, apparently. +1 hour for the first desk, +1 hour for the IC section, +1 hour to get my passport back (with Re-entry stamp).

The IC requires thumb prints, both electronic on a scanner and ink block onto the front and rear(?) of the IC form. It's the first finger prints I've ever done and it still feels criminal even though I know I better get used to it.

So I have the Passport stamp, a receipt slip for the IC, a strange yellow A4 card which I mustn't lose under any circumstances and another trip down to ICA next week to collect the actual IC. I don't have to do National Service (NS) but in 2 years, I'm eligible to apply for citizenship.