Saturday, 2 June 2007

Laundry Day

Dry cleaning is expensive. That's what I always was told. It was a special event for valued items to give them a new lease of life or prepare them for a special event such as a wedding. Dry cleaning brings back powerful early memories of using Laundrettes with the heady smell of ICI Perclone infusing the air.

In Singapore, it's cheap. At my local LaundryLodge, it's SG$4 (£1.30) for a pair of trousers, only SG$3 for (wet) cleaning and pressing. At smaller premises 'round the back of the supermarket, prices are even lower. The cleaning is not done on the premises; the 'Lodge is just a counter for drop-off and collection and there's the slight rub - it takes a week to get picked up and shipped off to some anonymous factory for processing. In this case, more than a week to cover Thursday's public holiday. It's open 6 days a week until 9:30pm, offers Free Collection / Delivery (* conditions apply) and I can join their club as a life member and get 10% off. The clothes come back all neat in masses of plastic wrapping (I try to decline as much as possible), and my local 'Lodge is a split shop with an old couple who do Alterations and Repairs, so you can get trouser pockets mended and buttons sewn on at the same time for another couple of $.

It's the low prices of basic services, transport, taxis, cleaning, food & rent that keeps Singapore so competitive. And it's the army of low paid workers who keep the services cheap.


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