Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Neighbourhorde Watch

I'm getting to see a lot of the Newbours or rather, I see lots of different neighbours an average amount each. That flat opposite is about the same size as ours, a corner unit with 3 bedrooms, and by my count there are 3 generations: mum, dad, daughter, son-in-law, older son, junior school son, baby, dog.

A (Chinese) Malaysian family apparently although that's hardly news. Lots of Singaporeans are originally Malaysian; the local MP, for example. My insider info is they are paying S$2,000 (£727) a month rent. Sounds a tad high to me but the market has shot up in the last year so if they are locked-in for 2 years, it might be a fair rate.

With such a crowd, it's no surprise that they have all their washing on racks outside along the corridor. They've got rid of a lot of rubbish as well; they binned the busted air con unit, the packing boxes and the old sofa set, but the countless shoes remain. The dog is small and yappy but they keep the door closed mostly and are a helluva lot quieter than the (Malay) couple next door the other way. Don't get me started. I said DON'T GET ME STARTED!