Tuesday, 29 May 2007


I was watching Wallace & Gromit, Curse of the Were Rabbit on DVD again the other day and was playing around with the freeze frame and frame-by-frame advance. Apart from being simply better than any multi-headed VHS player, this game is especially neat with such stop-motion animation because it reveals the detail of the animator's craft.

Checkout the Lady-Rabbit-Hits-Bridge and the Airbag sequences especially. It's what the creator's would want as there's so much loving attention to detail in the action. Repeat with Monsters Inc, The Incredibles or any Pixar title actually.

This sort of segues into what I wanted to talk about. It's a common sight here: on a train, bus, in a meeting or elevator, someone's mobile phone rings. (No, this isn't a grumpy rant on mobiles, as such). What interests me is not the Annoying Frog(tm) or electronic jingle at 65dBa, not the fact that everyone can hear it and is possibly fumbling in their pockets themselves. No, none of these.

Why is it that they pull out the mobile and stare at the screen for a while before answering the call? They always do answer the call. so it's not screening. Conscious of being a public noise nuisance, I always answer the phone immediately, but I'm clearly rushing the experience and the opportunity to spread a little ringtone joy.

Note, if you want a rant, tell me why the latest phones don't even have a simple brrr, brrr ringtone anymore? Label it Classic if you want but make sure it's there. Here's a tip - keep those old mobiles, some will become classics in a few years.