Friday, 8 December 2006

Day One, the housemates arrive and get settled in

There is an old saying that the 3 most stressful things in life are Divorce, new job and moving house. In other words, people fear change and react badly. More precisely, people fear change they don't control, and since this move to Singapore is voluntary, I'll skip the many irritations and say I Like It Here.

Adventure. That's what I say when people ask why we Upped Sticks and Moved. Adventure is loosely defined as Willful Risk Taking so it puts an acceptable spin on a potentially risky venture, which is handy. The weblog is just a modern form of Airmail envelope. You know, those nifty pre-gummed ones made of rice paper to keep the postage down. Probably don't exist any more with Internet Cafes taking on the twin tasks of dampening parental fears while asking for money to be wired.

So here we are in the Information Age with whole new ways to communicate the pleasures of travel and meeting new people. Stick around to see if the enthusiasm lasts. It's bound to be fun even if it doesn't.